Pool Steps: The Quality of Saratoga Steps

Saratoga Step

ss3The Saratoga Step is the highest quality pool step available to the industry. We start with a thermoplastic sheet material of ABS with a pure white cap to form a one-piece integral step. This is a space-age material designed to have excellent weatherability and chemical stability as well as resistance level to acids, alkalis, and salts. It is also specially formulated with ultraviolet inhibitors to ensure long-term durability.

The Saratoga Step by Imperial Manufacturing offers more – more interior volume, more quality, more value. Our steps are designed to provide maximum area, maximum comfort and maximum utility. Demand more from your step – demand a Saratoga Step.

In addition to more room inside, the Saratoga Step’n’Spa boasts the patented Trimline collar, individual seating on radius model and the option of three perfectly placed hydrotherapy jets for total spa relief and relaxation.

And we stand behind our steps with a 25 year limited warranty.

Patented TrimLine Collar Patented Trimline Collar

No detail is overlooked. Our patented TrimLine™ collar blends seamlessly with the coping, creating a consistent line, surrounding your pool in a smooth style and clean design.

Superior Tread Design Saratoga pool steps tread pattern

With our state-of-the-art Vacuum Former and the sophisticated nature of our mold designs, each step has the most detailed and distinctive pattern in the industry.

Patented Dowel Alignment System

With the use of dowels strategically located, correct alignment of the face plate is Guaranteed. Makes for exact screw hole fit. No wandering back plate! No leakage at face plate! Gasket can’t come loose! Saves time! Eliminates call backs!

Patented Faceplate Systemsaratoga pool steps faceplate cap

• Precision co-extruded faceplate and gasket over liner
creates leak proof compression bond seal.

• Smooth molded corner caps protect the liner from tears or punctures.

• Patented Dowel Alignment System guarantees accurate placement every time.

• Dead End Block encapsulates all screws to prevent leaks.

One Piece TREAD•LOC™ Design Saratoga pool steps Tread-Loc Support System

Our pool steps feature the patented Tread-Loc™ Support System, utilizing box beam and rigid reinforcement for every tread.

8” ABS Channel Support

We reinforce each tread with a heavy duty box-beam,
attached with a permanent high pressure heat application.

Sturdy Rigid Pipe

Our 2” diameter rigid pipe column supports are strong and sturdy.

Column Pipe Snap Ring

Column support snap rings hold each rigid pipe firmly in place for ease of installation.

Independent Tread Support

Each tread is individually supported, providing stronger
reinforcement and less stress on the whole unit.

3 Column Support

Each 8’ tread is independently supported by 3 columns for maximum support.