About Legacy Steel Pools

Legacy Edition Pools

legacybrochureImperial Pools has been a leader in the in-ground pool industry for more than 50 years. And that leadership and experience is present in every Legacy Edition steel pool. Legacy Edition by Imperial is known for its meticulous workmanship and attention to every detail. Legacy Editions is the clear choice to bring home the life you imagine.


Steel pool structureThe structure of an in-ground swimming pool demands solid support. That’s why all Legacy Edition Pools feature sturdy steel frame construction – the kind used to build bridges and towering skyscrapers. Steel will withstand extreme external pressures and is capable of containing tons of water without buckling under the stress or strain.

All Legacy Edition pools are constructed using the highest quality, zinc-coated, galvanized steel available. A Legacy pool’s walls contain 200% more zinc per square foot than commercial grades—providing an impenetrable barrier against corrosion.


Legacy steel pool installationStrong walls require a strong backbone. And the strongest steel braces in the industry provide uncompromising support to Legacy’s pool walls. Our A-frame steel braces are 2” x 2” x 1/8” thick angle steel.

Legacy pools are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions that Mother Nature can dish out. Winter freezes and spring thaws cause gunite (cement) and fiberglass pools to crack and shift over time. Once a gunite, concrete or fiberglass wall starts to crack, there’s no foolproof—or cheap—way to fix it. Legacy steel pools are engineered for durability and strength to withstand extreme ground conditions.

The more bends in a steel panel, the stronger the wall

triple bend steel support panelsThe true uniqueness of a Legacy Edition Pool lies in the triple bend design of our steel panels.

The average steel pool offers only double bend panels. Legacy’s triple bend design provides 33% more strength than its double bend counterparts. The top and bottom flanges of Legacy’s steel panels measure over a half a foot (7 inches in total) in thickness. Couple that with Legacy’s distinctive bolt inter-loc system that further strengthens the side flanges of our steel panels. Also for extra support, the 8-foot panel features full flange dual stiffeners made with triple bends.

Built to last a lifetime

Rock waterfall in legacy steel poolAs proof of our commitment to design and fabrication excellence, every Imperial Legacy Edition Pool comes with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY with a one-time transferable provision. The steel walls of your Imperial Legacy Edition steel pool are guaranteed for life against any defect in material.

You’re protected against damage due to rust, corrosion, or material defects. An Imperial Legacy Edition Pool of steel is built to last a lifetime, Guaranteed!